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Become an Iconic Brand Presence with this Masterclass Bundle!

Discover in depth you Brand Archetype and how to infuse this into your magnetic content creation plan.

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You wake up in the morning feeling powerful and confident. 

You feel excited!

Another day to create lasting impact that changes lives. 

You have dialed in your businesses core message and brand with such refinement, you know that your social media inbox will be filled with ideal clients so excited to work with you. 

Another beautiful day to be the walking, living, breathing embodiment of your brand  ...

This brand refinement is the most powerful transformation you can embody in your business...


What's included in... 

A Comprehensive Training on the 12 Brand Genius Archetypes

Steps for integrating this into your Brand and Content. 

Iconic Belle Masterclass Slides 

Receive the Slides that will help you follow along with the rich information inside the masterclass.

Brand Genius PDF Workbook

This Masterclass is designed with a ton of incredible information! So you can begin to integrate this information through brainstorming and implementing!

I know what it's like to be a multidimensional woman.

To be multi-passionate, multi- talented, with an ambitious spirit to create massive impact on this planet.

I have also worked with hundreds of ambitious, purpose driven entrepreneurs in creating their power packed brands. 

The greatest challenge for us multidimensional women?

It can be REALLY challenging to even describe what we do!!

We are so close to our genius, we end up spinning our wheels because we just cannot SEE our genius.

This is where Brand Genius Archetyping comes into play~

After developing my own brand "Femme Genius" based on my brand archetype, my business took off. 

I leaped from a 30k year to a 200k year. 

All because I was able to fully embody my brand archetype with ease and clarity. 

I don't want another genius sitting behind her computer, spinning her wheels trying to figure out who she is and what she offers...

It's time to fully reveal your brand genius. 




Discover your Brand Archetype and understand how to design a story that calls to your ideal client.

Refine your content pillars based on your brand archetype

Uplevel your personal brand and message with clarity and consistency and recognizability.

 Who this is for

Conscious Leaders

Content/Culture Creators

Narrative Shifters

Coaches & Mentors



Who this is not for

Those who have no interest in marketing through thoughtful brand design and content creation while leveraging social media to connect with clients.

A content creator is a culture creator.
A content creator is a narrative shifter.
A content creator is a movement maker.

Refine who you are speaking to.
Refine your Core Message. 
Grow Your Business.

Become an Iconic Brand Presence in a sea of business mediocrity.